1816 a Tierce Comes to Tuscaloosa,  A history of the Tierce family in the United States of America from 1764 to 2005.

This book is bound like a paperback and is about 5.5" by 8.5". I only have 30 available and my cost including shipping is about $15.00. Send me a check and your address if you would like one. Almost all the information in the book is available on this web suite.
Mem Tierce, II,

This web page is an electronic continuation of a work started in the 1950's by my mother, Mary Frances Wilson Tierce and by Father, Memnon Tierce. In 1997 I published 1816 A Tierce Comes to Tuscaloosa which was based on the information they had gathered. I also had done a mail-out to all the Tierce that I could find. I combined all the information and printed the book. It is out of print now. I had hoped to do a revised book, but with the booming web I though an electronic book would be better. It would be much easier to update.
     My father who was born in 1892, lived in Tuscaloosa all his life. He knew many of the old timers including the grandson of Jonathan Andrew Tierce.
This work includes many other families  who are related through marriage. The surnames researched include, but are not limited to, the following:

All the Tierces we have found are descendants of  Jonathan Andrew Tierce with the exception of the Gustave Tierce family and his three sons, Gustave Tierce, Jr., Edward Agenor Tierce and Leonce Tierce. They live in the New Jersey and New York areas. Gustave Tierce came from France in the late 1800's. Of course, we may be kin if we trace back several hundred years!
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Direct Descendants of Jonathan Andrew Tierce to Mem Tierce, II's  grandson Kit Tierce Adams

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